QUESTION: What table are users stored in with ProcessWire?

Answer: “Pages” table
Yes, it’s a horrible way they manage users.


QUESTION: Can I reset the password of a user directly in the ProcessWire Database?

Answer: Nope, you’d need to ensure you have the forgot password module installed and reset the password that way.
Yes, it is also a horrible way to manage password resets


QUESTION: Why do people use ProcessWire?

Answer: Because digital marketing agencies don’t want their users to be able to use other companies. So when they build a website for them, they want the most complicated system out there so that client has to stay with them longer.


QUESTION: Do you (ENDURANCE) build ProcessWire Websites? 

Answer: Nope, it’s a horrible CMS, it’s really bad for our clients, and no one should use it.
We build websites in CMS systems that have low switching costs for our clients, make their lives easier, and allow them to manage their own content (should they have that want).


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