A webinar tailored to marketers and their needs.

We’ll cover how to get started with content marketing. The idea is for this webinar to be a part 1 – think of it as content marketing 101, 102, 202, 301, and 401 courses combined and simplified.

The content of our webinar is universal. It’s for both a 1-man/woman team super team OR within a large, fortune-100 organization. The steps and tactics are universal.





Webinar Details of what we’ll cover:

    • How to come up with content marketing ideas
      • Go over what category entry points are
      • Provide a checklist for ideas
      • Create an example idea
    • How to setup a content marketing tracker (editorial calendar)
      • Some tools you can use to get up and running.
      • An example of just using free tools (Google Spreadsheet) and adding sum of our ideas.
    • How to determine content marketing success (key metrics/KPIs)
      • What platforms to amplify content
      • What metrics to track
    • Q&A


Pre-Webinar Q&A or any other questions:

shoot any questions prior to the webinar to info @ think endurance [dot] com



  • I didn’t get a link to the webinar.
    • Shoot an email to the info@ email above and we’ll get everything squared away.