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PPC: Paid Google Advertising

Google’s Adwords platform is the de facto standard when it comes to Paid Advertising, however paid as a channel is so much more. Targeting is more micro than macro, ad platforms are popping up daily (we work with¬†Taboola, Outbrain, direct digital publications, and more), and sometimes we all need a little assistance traversing the vast Paid ecosystem.¬† Endurance can help.

  • Paid Campaign Creation & Management: Integrated messaging, management, and integration assistance. Step-by-step guidance and campaign monitoring with real-time adjustments. Research and brainstorming exercises as necessary.
  • Creative Ad Asset Design: Graphic Design for targeted devices (mobile, web, widescreen, and more), banner graphics grouped by creative execution
  • Targeted Keyword Focus Selection: Targeted keyword, structure, and call-to-action ad copy writing.
  • KPI/Analytics & Reporting: Existing campaign Audits, metrics/kpi selections, Return on Ad Spend Estimation, reporting, setup and integration assistance.
  • Paid Advertising Consultation: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) recommendations, integration assistance, guidance, and expertise.