Ensure Your Content is SEO’d

Google’s algorithms analyze a never-ending sea of factors to determine how a website should rank for a particular search term. That’s why it’s vital to partner with a content marketing agency that understands SEO and the myriad of changes that occur every year to Google’s search algorithm. Understanding the limitless updates to Google’s Algorithm is crucial to creating content that moves the organic traffic needle. It doesn’t matter how much you invest in your content if it doesn’t improve your ranking and resonate with your clients/customers.

The spirit of this content marketing guide follows our philosophy for producing compelling content that should:

  • Be relevant, customized, and well-researched
  • Exceed anything found on your competitors’ sites
  • Contain a superior understanding of the wants and needs of your target audience
  • Communicate a deep understanding of the focused topic
  • Be well versed – don’t just create blog articles; many types of content will resonate with your audience (e.g., infographics, ‘how-to’ guides, whitepapers, and many more)


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