Conducting marketing research, personal definition exercises, or creating an industry whitepaper are some of the activities that inform targeted ad campaigns that can increase conversion while decreasing costs.

  • Strategy Development: Defining the “Why” & “What” behind your marketing efforts. Marketing plans, strategy development, or go-to-market plans are examples of exercises conducted under this umbrella of services.
  • Tactical Planning: the “When” & “Where”. Creating and maintaining editorial calenders, messaging plans, communications schedules, etc.
  • Tactics: the “Who” & “How”. Selection of tactics to go along with the strategy. E.g. Email vs. Social, Paid vs. SEO, etc.
  • Consumer Personas: Customer persona development using client data/feedback (standard) or customer personal development using both client data/feedback and market demographics and research (advanced)
  • Market Research, Situational & Competitive Analysis: Define what is working, what is not working. Get to the bottom of why your competitor may now, or in the future have an advantage over you. Use exclusive databases and peer-reviewed studies to get to the insights needed to maximize all advertising campaigns.
  • Account Planning, & Miscellaneous: From whitepaper creation to a broadway jingle, we provide many account planning activities that bring you and your consumers closer together.


Strategy development: the “Why” and “What.” Planning: “When” and “Where.” Tactics: the “Who” and “How”. Get help building your marketing campaigns.