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Advertising Solutions for Healthcare Marketers

A Patient’s Trip Begins Online

The latest top-of-mind challenge for healthcare is content marketing and localized SEO!

270 million healthcare searches occur on Google every day! Patients are more informed now than at any other point in history. They begin healthcare journeys by conducting searches on Google (or Bing). Patients who scheduled appointments with healthcare providers conducted three (3) times as many searches compared to those whom did not. The ongoing challenge for healthcare marketers is successfully developing content, building authority, & effectively supporting SEO performance that drives appointment conversions and patient volume.

Healthcare marketers need assistance planning & executing marketing strategies that drive organic search results while exceeding conversion goals

Content and Search Solutions for Healthcare Marketers

Creative Strategy & Proven Tactics

Mapping the Patient Journey
Mapping the Patient Journey
Identifying Site Patient Flow
Identifying Site Patient Flow

The patient journey healthcare marketers can most effectively influence and measure is online. If ROI is the target, then spend marketing dollars where they will consistently produce the highest return. Social and short-form content are meant to raise awareness and keep you top of mind –– and search is when the episodic or chronic care patient needs you most.

Patients Conducting a Search Prior to Scheduling an Appointment

Percentage of Patients that conduct a search before scheduling an appointment

Strategic Planning & Content Creation

The execution and publishing of content - regardless of the distribution method (i.e., social media, blogs, newsletters, etc.) - is typically managed internally. But the efforts of strategically planning the content calendar beyond awareness months and event notifications is a creative exercise that often benefits from a helping hand.

Return to Work Solutions

COVID-19 and its variances continue to be a presence in our marketing and communications plans, but it’s also time to return to work and get back to normal. The pursuit of new patients with a winning blend of inbound and outbound marketing is rounding back into focus as the number one priority. ENDURANCE can help. We have the experience and expertise to help collaboratively fuel the marketing engine and augment your team to deliver effective, conversion-based solutions.


Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Clients

Here’s a list of past and present ENDURANCE clients that we have done work for within the Healthcare, Wellness, and Nutrition industries.

Healthcare Marketing Services that Move the Needle:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising: Google Ads
  • Paid Advertising: Bing Ads
  • Advance Webpage Optimizations
  • Keyword Research and Targeting
  • Content Creation: Nested Content
  • Content Creation: Infographics
  • Content Creation: Blog Articles
  • Content: Social Storytelling
  • More... View All Services

At Your Fingertips: Developing Viable Healthcare Marketing Solutions

The healthcare industry is competitive. It can be challenging to stand out from others and there is an insatiable demand for content and search optimization when marketing multiple locations, service lines and providers. Sustainable success requires ENDURANCE. The priority to maintain HIPAA compliance is critical. ENDURANCE are marketing experts that can take your SEO and Content marketing efforts to the next level. This allows you to focus on providing the highest quality care to new and existing patients.

Online resources are the most effective way to influence and measure your patient’s journey. Your marketing dollars will consistently produce the most significant return by investing in content and search solutions. ENDURANCE can help you raise awareness about your services and ensure you are always top of mind with new or existing patients. But what are these creative strategies and proven tactics all about?

Understanding content for healthcare marketing

content marketing services for healthcare, wellness, and nutrition

ENDURANCE is committed to ensuring that your content will be created in a timely manner with the highest of quality. Our content is relevant for prospective or existing patients. We handle the creation and distribution of materials that provide engagement and connection. But our strategy (combined with tactics and tactical planning) ensures your content is visible and accessible to patients searching for your services.

Healthcare content marketing

Content marketing in healthcare generates a direct communication line to your patient market by developing trust in who you are and striking their interest.

Many healthcare practices have been slow to adopt content marketing resources. This creates an opportunity for you. It allows you to get ahead of the game and stand out. It also provides a chance to establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information or engagement. And each of these components of content marketing has measurable results in generating appointments while increasing your volume of patients.

ENDURANCE can assist you in developing ideas for content and managing its publication. You can expect a variety of aspects from your content marketing:

  • Pre-appointment patient information
  • Dispel misinformation about essential topics and chronic conditions
  • Answer common questions about medical conditions or procedures
  • Establish a trusted voice and reputation on healthcare trends
  • Engage with your patients using social platforms
  • And more...

Healthcare search solutions (Healthcare SEO)

There is only so far you can go with word-of-mouth advertising. Today’s patients are equipped to do meaningful research on their potential healthcare providers before making an appointment. And these searches are especially common for patients seeking treatment for episodic or acute care (including research on chronic conditions).

With the vast majority of patients doing searches, it has become critical to implement effective search solution strategies to remain visible and accessible. ENDURANCE is experienced in working with you each step of the way –– generating compelling content and ensuring it ranks high in search results, and in developing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that can be tracked, measured, and refined.

Where to go from here...

ENDURANCE can help. We have the experience and expertise to help fuel your marketing engine and support your team towards delivering effective, conversion-based solutions.

Call us today (480.550.7050) or contact us at info@thinkendurance.com

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