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Creating content doesn’t have to be painful. We help companies create high-quality and intuitive content. Content starting at $250 a piece. More Pricing »
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ENDURANCE Content Marketing Services

According to SEMrush, 97% of marketers state content marketing is part of their marketing strategy. Only 57% have documented what exactly their content marketing strategy is! Content is more than blog articles. It’s a whisper, a ripple, or a splash. It’s a guide or force of nature. It’s video, it’s infographics, it’s case studies, it’s whitepapers… it’s much more that text on a page. Content connects consumers to your brand.

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Intelligent and intuitive content is more than just words on a page. Content has the power to connect brands to a customer’s wants & needs. A well-curated content strategy creates demand while shedding light on the products/services your company provides.
We create helpful content that is void of fluff. Content that delivers on your brand vision and values. We map out a plan of attack, create unique content, amplify it, and drive toward success.
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We’ll start a content strategy engagement by completing a discovery session. The goal of this session is to begin to document a strategy. We want to get on the same page with our content goals and who we’re developing content for (target audience).

A content marketing strategy from ENDURANCE is our plan of attack and includes (at a minimum): Content goals (what success looks like), how that aligns with our company roadmap, target audience information, engagement guidelines (what to say, what not to say, voice, tone, etc.), situational and competitive breakdowns, distribution channels, amplification planning, and performance reporting.

Content Ideation and Topic Creation

We build content ideas that drive value. We create ideas by conducting keyword research, trend analysis, social listening, and comparitive dissection. The ideation phrase focuses on creating helpful content for consumer ingestion (not search engines). Our content topics also align with your target audience and where they fall within the buying stages. A synopsis of the idea, touchpoints, target audience, timing, and more are all part of coming up with content ideas.

Content Development/Production

We only build unique content that lacks any fluff. Content that drives results and lives ad infinitum. Content that aligns to your audience, is produced with engaging visuals, and drives an actionable narrative.

Example of the types of content that help us drive to our client goals: audio or video podcasts, custom photography, infographics, newsletters, webinars, live streams/webcasts, industry publications, research reports, social media content, technical documentation, video interviews, animations, illustrations, topical videos, case studies, custom “how-to” guides, blog articles, video shorts, web pages, website content, and more…

Content Amplification and Distribution

Boost your content’s reach to the audience that want it, when they need it most. No blowing smoke, we’re going to put the content we create on the platforms where the end customers are and in front of the people that can make a decision about our client’s product or service. We’ll amplify content through paid advertising channels, influencers, social media channels, press releases, email marketing, and more…

Pricing: Content Marketing Services

pricing for content marketing services

  • Video Short (Standard): $250

Seen TikTok ? Those are Video Shorts. Uses stock b-roll with a simple script under 30-seconds. Example of a video short.

  • Video Short (Complex): $450

Complex video shorts can use custom video and up to 15 seconds of custom animation for a video that can be up to 90-seconds.

  • Piece of Content (Standard): $450

An example of a standard piece of content would be a simple infographic with 3-5 data points, a blog article with 800-900 words, basic web page content, etc. Example of a standard piece of content.

  • Piece of Content (Complex): $650

An example of a complex piece of content would be a full infographic with 8-10 data points, a blog article with 1400-1500 words, web page info layout + content, etc. Example of a complex piece of content.

  • Social Media Article: $395

These article usually consist of 600-700 words, are focused on certain types of performing topics, end with a call-to-action, and only include one image as a header. Example of a social media article.

  • Content Gap Analysis: $795+

Includes a minimum of 2 competitors.

  • Content Ideation: $295+

Start with 4 ideas; Each idea includes a topic, search intent research, synopsis, headings/sections, and media (images, video, downloads, etc.).

  • Content Amplification & Distribution: $Custom
  • Content Strategy Development: $1950+ (Learn More)